Easy Fun Craft – Turn a Recycled Paper Plate into a Fun Kids Flying Saucer


Thanks to Amanda from: Crafts from Amanda for this great craft. This project would be fun for anyone, but I know that it is hard to find inexpensive crafts to engage boys. I think this one would do it, imagine this saucer flying around!

You could use a slightly used paper plate, that gives it the added benefit of being a recycled craft!  I know I have often dropped a plate or two that I wouldn’t want to serve anything on but would be perfect for this project. If you look around the house you probably already have items to decorate the saucer with. If you can’t find anything to glue onto it you could let your kids paint or use markers to personalize the flying saucer.

For more details and other great ideas check out Crafts by Amanda by following this link.





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